Join Caer Galen for Mongolian festivities as we welcome you to our Midwinter Event.

Swords will clash as Lords & Ladies compete to be the next Cut & Thrust Champion. Finesse, skill and the golden fruit of Caer Galen will be displayed as Fencers dance on the battlefield for the title of Captain of the Guard.

Poems, songs & stories will fill the halls as you fill your bellies with a Mongolian Feast. Pope and Harp elections will be going all day.

Join us!

Location and Time

Saturday, December 10, 09:00 AM

9386 N 39th St., Longmont, CO 80503


8 a.m. – Site Setup – Dwen-Livia Team

9 a.m. – Site opens

10 a.m. – Opening Court

11 a.m. – Bardic Competition, Adelaisa’s Vigil, List Opens for Captain of the Guard Tourney

12 p.m. – Captain of the Guard Tourney

3 p.m. – Cut & Thrust Tournament

5 p.m. – Evening Court, Feast Set up

6/7 p.m. (Depending on length of court) Feast and CG Musical Chairs

Site and Feast Costs

$15 Site fee, $5 Discount for Members

$10 Feast

Children 0-10: Site : $5, Feast : $5

Reserve Your Place for the Event

Pay through SCARS