Arts & Sciences


A & S Workshop: Landskenecht Patterning!

August 12, 2018

Noon til 6-ish.

Adding to the Landskenecht silhouette we move to patterning. Again, Sir Adrien shares her techniques. This time we will turn our attention to pattern drafting!

For dresses, Sir Adrien asks that you bring a t-shirt and a roll of duct tape. For the wams (doublet) bring a loose fitting button-up shirt and a roll of duct tape. For the hosen, bring a pair of tights and a roll of duct tape. Tights can be found at Target, Old Navy, etc.

Bring your hemd for show and tell!

A & S Night: Yarn Tassel Dance Belt

August 15, 2018

Doña Rowena will be demonstrating how to create a lovely belly dance belt. Please bring some pretty fabric (2-3 yds), yarn and jingly bits (optional). Here is the handout.

A & S Workshop: The Tallberet! August 25, 2018

Noon til 6-ish.

Accessorize your Landskenecht silhouette with the quintessential "dead chicken hat."

Mistress Briatiz will have a workshop on the construction and customization of this telltale landsknecht accessory. A materials list is forthcoming, and be on time, as there isn't a way to backtrack for latecomers. It starts at noon! Come get your hat on!

Lampwork Bead Basics - June 14, 2018

We will cover the basics of making a round(ish) glass bead with dots. Topics: safety, round bead, pull stringer, apply dots.

These skills will enable you to make a huge variety of beautiful beads, including a medieval style "evil eye: bead, thought to ward off evil from the wearer.

Wear natural fiber clothing and close toed shoes.

The Outlands Glassworkers guild

has graciously offered the use of some guild equipment so we can have a bigger class! The lampworking class will be limited to the first 10 people who show up.

Join our Arts & Sciences Minister, Lady Elizabeth Argentieri at her workshop for fun with molten glass!

A & S Night: Landskenecht Sleeves! - June 20, 2018

In our ever-growing Landskenecht silhouette we move to adding sleeves to the mix. Join Sir Adrien as she teaches us the many ways of making sleeves. Also, if anyone has questions on the hemd, bring that, as well.

This is a "living document." Content will accumulate, but at the beginning, it may seem sparse. Please bear with us.