Newcomer's Resources

Hospitaller (Chatelaine)

New to the SCA? New to the barony? Here are some resources to ease the process.

If you are interested in attending an event but don't want to overly stand out? The hospitaller has resources to help you look like you've been here all along. Need info about the Society for a news article? The hospitaller can provide answers to common questions. Are you having a "Middle Ages Day" for your students and need some flair? We'd be happy to discuss your needs, and give a demo on what it means to recreate the past.

You can contact the baronial hospitaller here.


Some heralds are the voice of the Crown and of the Coronet. Other heralds research and give advice on armigerial questions and concerns, helping individuals create personal arms who have been granted the right to do so.

How do I...

Sometimes that is the hardest question to ask! But once that is out of the way, the path to knowledge becomes much less cluttered. Here are some of the resources at your disposal to facilitate your journey down the path.

"Run an event?"

"Authorize for a marshalette activity?"

"Make some period clothing?"

"Create suitable Arms?"

"Recommend someone for an award?"

"Illuminate a scroll?"


And much, much more...

The Resources page is packed with information, head on over there and see!

This is a "living document." Content will accumulate, but at the beginning, it may seem sparse. Please bear with us.