Welcome to the Current Middle Ages!


What's that you say? The "Current Middle Ages?"

You heard right! Caer Galen is a chapter group in the historical recreation organization known as "The Society for Creative Anachronism," or "SCA" for short. The SCA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the better qualities, and education, of historical living (i.e. no plague, destitution, or slavery). The SCA focuses from the time of the Roman Empire to the end of Queen Elizabeth I's reign, and encompasses historical Europe, parts of North Africa, and Asia. The SCA is broken into "Kingdoms" across the "Known World." Kingdoms are further organized into "Baronies, Shires,etc."

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Caer Galen is a Barony in the Kingdom of the Outlands. We endorse fairness and equability, both within our group and to the public we interact with. Information about all things Caer Galen can be found in this collection of pages. So peruse, get inspired, and be welcome!

Caer Galen

If you live in Longmont, Boulder, or Broomfield, you are likely living in the barony of Caer Galen. We are a fun group with a family atmosphere. We pride ourselves on our hospitality. We have members of all ages. We love our diversity. Please come visit us and say "hi."

Baronial Progress 2024

Sir Ronan na f-fiacal mac Connail and Bryngerðr Þiðreksdóttir

Their Excellencies intend to be at the following events:

Spring Crown Tourney - Both

Battlemore - Both

Lilies War - Both

Summer Coronation - Both

Kingdom A&S Collegium - Both

Fall Crown - Both (Hosting)

Midwinter 24' - Both

Their Past Excellencies of Caer Galen

When: May 31-June 3, 2024

Where: Pickle Gulch

What: Rapier tournaments

Upcoming Event: Demonstration at the historic fort! 

May 4, 10am to 5pm

South Platte Valley Historic Park

2001 Historic Pkwy, Fort Lupton, Colorado. 80621 

Greetings, come show Fort Lupton the prowess, skill and talents of the Outlands. As we demonstrate our artistic and martial skills. The Heritage Fair is free to all. Hosting the SCA and many other recreation groups. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me. We have a tent and list field space available.

Yours in service,

Baroness Livia Agrinalli

leia. hodges@gmail.com

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Calling the mighty populace of Caer Galen!

Many of the baronial officers are in need of deputies. If you have an inclination to support your Barony and its populace, head over to the Officers page. If an office has no deputy listed, contact that officer directly for information regarding being a deputy for that office.

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Feeling generous? Need to lighten your pockets? Consider donating to Caer Galen, or any of the groups within the Outlands. Donations help keep the financial gears turning, and any group that receives a donation will benefit.

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Calling all riders 

...or would be riders!

Photo courtesy of Viscountess Danielle de la Roche (April Edwards)
Photo courtesy of Viscountess Danielle de la Roche (April Edwards)

Mistress Arabella da Siena (a former Caergalenite newly returned) has graciously offered H Bar C Ranch Equestrian Facility for local practice! It is open to all. Both seasoned riders and non-riders are welcome! There are many ways to get involved without a horse (but please wear closed-toe shoes). The clubhouse has amenities available, including-

Practice will be held on the 3rd Sunday of every month

Come out, see, and participate with these magnificent animals!

H-Bar-C Ranch

2400 Blue Mountain Ave,

Berthoud, CO 80513



A weekly Fighter Practice is held every Tuesday at  Roosevelt Park through summer. 700 Longs Peak Ave Longmont, CO 80501. We will be on the southwest corner of Bross and Longs Peak. Practice starts around 6:00 and ends at 9:00.

Check the Barony of Caer Galen Facebook page for announcements. 

Kingdom of the Outlands COVID 19 Policy - Updated August 2022

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Looking for a Demo?

We do limited demonstrations for schools, libraries, and other groups.  Our demos can include just about anything from armored combat and discussions about chivalric virtues to arts and science classes.  If you're interested in more information, please fill out the request form below and our hospitaller will contact you.