Awards & Recommendations

Contained herein are the recognitions afforded to the Barony of Caer Galen. Links to the charters of each award and a roster of recipients are below. Recommend anyone for an award using the form at the bottom of this page. 

The awards-

Arch of Caer Galen

"Fieldless, Two goats salient respectant conjoined at the forehooves sable. "

Given for service. [Caer Galen] 

Book and Harp of Caer Galen 

"Fieldless, A bell purpure."

Given for to those who have been inspirational to others by their grace and actions. 

Chalice of St. William the Cooper 

"Fieldless, On a wooden barrel proper a chalice Or."

Given for doing good works for the Barony. [Caer Galen] 

Golden Nightingale of Caer Galen

"Fieldless, A nightingale volant bendwise sinister Or."

Given for achievement in arts. [Caer Galen] 

Harp and Chalice of Caer Galen 

"Insignia of the order shall be a blue and gold braid bearing some rendition of Azure, a chalice and in chief a harp Or."

Given for individuals who so love their Barony that they give of themselves freely, even sacrificing personally to make sure the barony as a whole is enriched. 

Hedgehog of Caer Galen

"Fieldless, A hedgehog ermine."

Given for those persons under sixteen (16) years of age who have shown themselves to be an asset to the Barony. 

Insignia or badge under advisement

L’Ordre du Cochon Alé

The insignia of the order shall be the some rendition of a flying pig, or the badge of the order once it has been approved by the College of Arms.

Given for achieving the seemingly impossible. [Caer Galen] 

Monkey of Caer Galen 

"Fieldless, A monkey rampant contourny azure, collared and chained Or."

Given for bringing joy and laughter to the Barony. [Caer Galen] 

Poignard Noir of Caer Galen 

"Fieldless, A dagger bendwise sinister sable."

Given for personal service to the Coronet. [Caer Galen] 

Saint Cecily with the Cup

"(Fieldless) On a wine amphora gules a harp Or."

Given to heralds or bards who have memorably distinguished themselves in service to the Barony.

Saint Louis with the Staff of Caer Galen

"Fieldless, A crozier azure."

Given for 15 years of service. [Caer Galen] 

Saint Michael with the Harp of Caer Galen

"Fieldless, On a fireball gules enflamed proper a harp Or."

Given for skill in armored combat, rapier, archery, or equestrian activities. [Caer Galen]