History of Caer Galen


Being an affirmation of saints that were declared by Pope Anne Bigod

All of the Saints are based on real people who shaped Caer Galen throughout these many years. It is the fervent hope of Pope Anne that anyone reading this is inspired to learn more about these saints and, in their own time and way, attempt great and wonderful things for the glory of Caer Galen!

Red fireball with harp and flames

Saint Michael with the Harp

Patron Saint of Warriors and the Reckless

Known miracles: 1 – Returned from the dead, many times

Symbols: Heraldic fireball, bat

Crozier, blue cane with fancy swirl at top

Saint Louis with the Staff

Patron Saint of Grumpy People, Actors

Known miracles: None. “Kids these days think everything is miraculous.

In my day, we just did stuff.”

Symbol: crozier

A read Bowen knot outlined in gold

Saint Douglas MacAndrew

Patron Saint of Leaders, Redemption, Whiskey-drinkers

Known miracles: 1 – a plague of scorpions attacked his Barony and Douglas made them all fall asleep with his voice. 2 – Gave enlightenment to the people in the form of whiskey

Symbols: A read Bowen knot outlined in gold (aka a Douglas Knot), Papal Miter, Sword covered by an aspen leaf

Saint Kiriel of Windhover Cliff

Patron Saint of Justice, Bards

Known miracles: Anyone who visited her land was blessed with wit.

Symbols: a kestrel hovering, a prairie dog with an arrow

Saint Cecily with the Cup

Patron Saint of Equestrians, Scholars, Vintners

Known miracles: 1 – had an amphora of never-ending wine. 2 – In her presence,

yarn never runs out

Symbols: Wine amphora, drop spindle, book

Saint Demelza of the Chair

Patron Saint of Patient People, Quiet Glee

Known miracles: brought joy to a despondent Midwinter feast by inventing

Caer Galen Musical Chairs

Symbol: a broken chair

barrel with golden cup

Saint William the Cooper

Patron Saint of Rebels, Cartographers

Known miracles: Was seen at four different places simultaneously

Symbols: a barrel with a chalice, a wooden hand plane, a figure with their face obscured

This Hagiography is printed by the Scriptorium of the Caer Galen College of Cardinals and Black Dragon Society, Anno Societatus LVII