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What's that you say? The "Current Middle Ages?"

You heard right! Caer Galen is a chapter group in the historical recreation organization known as "The Society for Creative Anachronism," or "SCA" for short. The SCA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the better qualities, and education, of historical living (i.e. no plague, destitution, or slavery). The SCA focuses from the time of the Roman Empire to the end of Queen Elizabeth I's reign,and encompasses historical Europe, parts of North Africa, and Asia. The SCA is broken into "Kingdoms" across the "Known World." Kingdoms are further organized into "Baronies, Shires,etc."

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Caer Galen is a Barony in the Kingdom of the Outlands. We endorse fairness and equability, both within our group and to the public we interact with.

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From Their Excellencies of Caer Galen-

Greetings Caer Galen,

Condotierri was a fantastic event! We ran our tournaments for both archery and equestrian over the weekend. Our new archery champion is Lord Ubertino Nicolai di Fara San Martino! Many thanks to THL Konrad for all of his hard work over the last year- we greatly appreciate all that you have done to support the archery community. The shoots were enjoyed by all and very fun to watch. The equestrian community continues to impress and welcome all to join in the fun. We had the opportunity to watch some fine skilled riding and combat drills- Caer Galen’s new equestrian champion is Lady Lisette! Thank you to m’lord Malcolm for your time as Our champion. Additionally, Our new champion took to the field with the other equestrians throwing javelins at the heavy fighters during a few of the scenarios! It was a very unique opportunity to have this cross over in the groups.

The armored combat on Sunday was a blast- His Excellency switched back and forth between the two armies led by HE Dwen and Sir Adrien to make certain everyone had the chance to hit Himself…. Both Generals did a fantastic job on the field! Sir Iohann created some very fun scenarios including a final hill climb to the castle complete with rolling boulders.

During the event, we held a brief court to catch up on some back scrolls:

  • Lady Helga Beall was given her Monkey scroll.
  • THL Konrad von Alpirsbach was awarded for his arts with a Golden Nightingale.
  • …and recognize Lady Helga Beall as a Golden Nightingale!

Finally, the Ensigns are back on display. THL Konrad was kind enough to make brand new covers for the spears. The covers are very beautiful and will help to keep folks’ transports from being poked. The following gentles were made Ensigns to recognize their efforts and achievements on their fields:

  • Archery: Erasmus
  • Rapier: Lord Jordan
  • Heavy: HE Keridwen

We now turn our sites to Caer Galen’s Defender- A day in the park! We are beyond excited for this event- there are a ton of activities planned throughout the day and we hope to see everyone out as we choose our new heavy Defender, rapier Lieutenant of the Guard, Bard of Caer Galen, and Keeper of the Unicorn Horn. More information can be found at:


There will be games, picnics, and an Arts and Sciences display to pass the time. We will see you there!

Yours in Service,

Finn & Çinara

Baron & Baroness of Caer Galen

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