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What's that you say? The "Current Middle Ages?"

You heard right! Caer Galen is a chapter group in the historical recreation organization known as "The Society for Creative Anachronism," or "SCA" for short. The SCA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the better qualities, and education, of historical living (i.e. no plague, destitution, or slavery). The SCA focuses from the time of the Roman Empire to the end of Queen Elizabeth I's reign,and encompasses historical Europe, parts of North Africa, and Asia. The SCA is broken into "Kingdoms" across the "Known World." Kingdoms are further organized into "Baronies, Shires,etc."

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Caer Galen is a Barony in the Kingdom of the Outlands. We endorse fairness and equability, both within our group and to the public we interact with.

Information about all things Caer Galen can be found in this collection of pages. So peruse, get inspired,

and be welcome!

From Their Excellencies of Caer Galen-

Greetings Caer Galen!

We hope that this finds all of you doing well as the summer months continue to

shine. Our time as Baron and Baroness continues to be absolutely amazing, thanks to the glory and joy that Caer Galen is! We have enjoyed every moment living the delight that Your company brings. We have had a number of fantastic events this summer and the adventures are far from over.


Our Day in the Park was a raving success, thank you to Master Wolfgang for wrangling the monkeys and helping Caer Galen shine. Thank you very much to Their Majesties, Béla and Anna, for joining us to celebrate this great day. Our tournaments yielded the following results:

Defender- Lord Paul Sutton

Lieutenant of the Guard- Lord Miguel Iolo de Genoa

Keeper of the Unicorn Horn- Robert of Caer Galen

At HE’s request, everyone put on their Hospitaller hat and made the public feel very welcome- it was endearing to see so many conversations and explanations throughout the day.

A highlight amongst so many wonderful portions was the opportunity to run a puppet court. Th e joy and laughter ringing through the trees made our hearts smile! The joys of this day included watching martial activities (thank you Sir Adrien, Sir Taver, Lord Martin, Lord Zod, Lord Arion, and our MOL Lady Bridget), appreciating

Arts & Sciences (thank you to THL Cecilia, Lady Elizabeth, THL Hayashi, Mistress Signy), and partaking of the food... yum food (thank you Mistress Ashta, Sir Michalangelo, Lord Marcus, and everyone who contributed to the abundant feast)! Our attempt to cheer the children on in their quest for the

Unicorn Horn was met with cacophony and a barrage of flying bananas. Finally, a special thank you to Ubertino, your forge provided a transformative element to an incredible day.


How is Battlemoor always such an amazing whirlwind? A month’s worth of activities

encapsulated within one week! It is a pleasure to see so many folks come out to celebrate and hang out- Caer Galen’s camp never ceases to amaze with the warmth, hospitality, vitality, and... ridiculousness that only the monkeys can bring! TEs of Citadel, well known and loved, had nothing but praise to offer for being able to join our Court and spend time in Caer Galen. Thank you, Lady Livia, for providing a camp set-up conducive to the shenanigans that are requisite at any event.

The Mysterious Saracens™ blessed the good works of Caer Galen with their gift of a

“six pack” that was enjoyed by the camp on Saturday night. We mentioned it in Court, but it bears repeating- House Vandale- what a party!

You good gentles never cease to light up our world.

Caerthe Collegi

Never one to shy away from a challenge...

Her Excellency and TRMs answered the call put forth by TE of Caerthe and the Bard’s

Militants took the field at their Collegi. An exceptional way to spend a Thursday evening fighting each other with a smile. Thank you to everyone who came out to represent Caer Galen. All fighters comported themselves well and We look forward to future opportunities to cross blades and to stand side by side with them on foreign soils. We are all Outlanders with a love for our Crown!

Upcoming Events

To that end... We will be traveling east to Pennsic to support the Crown of the

Outlands. A small, but mighty band of Caer Galen will be in attendance to make certain everyone has a great time. Additionally, other events in our progress include:

  • 8/12 Landsknecht Patterning with Sir Adrien
  • 8/15 A&S night
  • 8/18 Archery Collegium
  • 8/25 Landsknecht hats with Mistress Briatiz
  • 9/9 Crown
  • 9/12 Scribal Night @ Finn & Çinara’s
  • 9/19 A&S night
  • 9/22 Unser Hafen’s Newcomers
  • (9/23 Caer Galen turns 15!)
  • 9/28-30 Rapier Camp

In conclusion- no matter where we see you- we look forward to the light and love that you all bring!

Yours in Service,

Finn and Çinara

Baron and Baroness of Caer Galen

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Captain of the Guard classes

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Landskenscht Patterning

  • An afternoon dedicated to pattern drafting for men and women. (more)

Tallerberet Workshop

  • What better way to top off your Landsknecht outfit, than with this awesome accessory. (more)

Upcoming Events


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We do demonstrations for schools, libraries, and other groups. Our demos can include just about anything from armored combat and discussions about chivalric virtues to arts and science classes. If you're interested in more information, please fill out the request form below and our hospitaller will contact you.