Die Turniere in der Gurkenschlucht

(translated - Tournaments at Cucumber Gorge)

All ye fine and noble gentles! Hearken to the calling of Their Excellencies,

Bryngerðr Þiðreksdóttir


Ronan na f-fiacal mac Connail,

 Righ Tuatha of Caer Galen!

In the lofty crags above the splendor that is Caer Galen lies a glen that is purported to imbue warriors with the strength of ten men, and the courage of a hundred! Come, make camp under the tall pines and witness the clash of steel, and marvel as rapier fighters vie for honor and glory that is Die Turniere in der Gurkenschluct (The Tournaments at Cucumber Gorge)!

You are bid welcome, and are invited to join Them in an exciting and resplendent weekend filled with feats of skill and honor!

Their Excellencies are also excited to host the Baronies Of Caerthe, Unser Hafen, and Dragonspine! Welcome all!


May 31-June 3, 2024

Gate opens May 31, 2024 at 3pm, concluding on Monday June 3rd, 2024 at noon

Due to a couple of campsites being used by mundanes on Friday, please be respectful of their space. Starting that Saturday, we should have all of Pickle Gulch for the rest of the weekend.

 As this is a mountain camping event be mindful that-


A multi-day rapier and Cut & Thrust camping event.

Tournaments include one-on-one fights and small team melee, and a woods battle.

A pickled foods competition.

Event Schedule

Friday, May 31

3pm Site opens (except for unincorporated camping) and vigil preparations

Saturday, June 1

11am -6pm Gurkenschluct Pickling Competition (display tables near the list field; description below)

9am - 11am List sign-up for all tournaments (please present site token to MOL)

Noon - 2:30 Pageantry & Prowess Tournament (description below)

3pm - 5:30 Cut & Thrust Tournament (format to be determined, stay tuned)

6pm Court

8pm Bardic

Sunday, June 2

9am  Panache & Valor - The Bannerete  at Pickle Gulch (description below)

Noon MoD/DWS Q&A and discussion

1pm Ransom Woods Melee

3pm Court

Monday, June 3

Noon Site closes (safe travels)

Some thoughts about the event - what to expect.


spectacular display; pomp: the pageantry of a coronation.


a grand or flamboyant manner; verve; style; flair.


a group of individuals moving along in an orderly often ceremonial way


Gallant bravery and strength, especially on the battlefield or in the face of danger. Valor comes from the Latin valorem for “strength, moral worth.” 

This event is very much  about the return of pageantry and panache, as well as prowess and courtly grace. To this end, two of the weekends tournament festivities will call for these two often overlooked foundations. What better way to cultivate and foster these ideals than to be given the chance to process before for Crown and populace, to announce to all your convictions and your intentions for the day.

There will be a "Pageantry and Prowess" one on one tournament, and a return of the "Bannerete" small team melee.

Both will entail some means of group identification. For Pageantry and Prowess, gather an entourage to escort you on t the field of honor. They can include a herald, banner bearers, a significant other, musicians etc.

The Bannerete will have a similar take, each team should be identifiable in some way; tabards, sashes, helm crests, etc. Show your bravado in the face of your opponents. Make the most boisterous and outlandish claims of your merits above all others! Fight as a team! Stand or fall to a man!

This can be an opportunity for individuals to broaden their game. So involve those who might otherwise just be sitting on the sidelines, or worse, in camp or at home. Engage a tailor for help if you need, ask that vociferous friend if they would herald you onto the  field. Children can be awesome standard bearers. The sky's the limit!

Now, Without further ado!

Pageantry & Prowess Tournament

Find a herald, gather your entourage, dress your best, proclaim your love, and make your most worthy challenges!

This tournament consists of two parts, a grand procession, followed by the feat of arms.

Sashes, capes, and tabards are but a few examples that can help unify your entourage.

Gurkenschlucht Cut & Thrust Tournament

Weapon aficionados, this is a tournament for you.

A variation of the Swiss 5, throwing in "choose the weapon” and "first blood.”

There will only be 4 rounds before the semifinal elimination. Four with most bouts won go to the semifinals, which are the same format per bout but best two out of three, single elimination.

Choice of weapons. 

When the herald reads the list, and the combatants pair up, the one with the lower precedence chooses the weapon that the match (meaning all three bouts) will be fought with:

If combatants have equal precedence, a coin toss will determine who gets to choose weapon style.

Don't choose the same weapon twice unless it's an authorization issue.  We won't keep track of that, it's on your honor.  You might end up fighting the same style twice anyway depending on your rank and what your opponents pick; that is by design.  There will only be 4 rounds before the semifinal elimination, so you might not be fighting with every style; which is by design.

Panache & Valor - The Gurkenschlucht Bannerete

This is a small team processional tournament melee similar in concept to a pas d’armes.


All teams must be gathered and ready to go when the processional is announced (shortly after 9am)

Tournament Format

Victory conditions

Gurkenschluct Ransom Woods Melee

Similar to a William Marshall tournament. Each fighter is given 5 coins at the beginning of the tourney for their ransom, regardless of their Society rank or title. Fighting can be either to incapacitate, as with a regular ransom tourney, or to the death. With each loss, the losing combatant must give up a coin to the winning fighter. As long as a fighter still has a coin to their name, they can continue to compete.

Tournament Format

Gurkenschulct Pickling Competition

The Baroness of Caer Galen, Her Excellency Bryngerðr, has put forth the call for a pickling competition at Die Turnerie in Der Gurkenschulct! If you profess to an aptitude for such an art, then you are encouraged to enter! Bring your brined gourds and roots to the event and show your worth!


Pickle Gulch Campground - Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests Pawnee National Grasslands

From Interstate 25 in Denver, travel west on 6th Avenue to State Highway 6 and continue through Clear Creek Canyon. Turn on State Highway 119 toward Black Hawk and Central City. Follow the highway 4 miles north of Black Hawk, to the campground (look for signage).

It seems to map correctly in both Apple Maps and Google Maps - type in "pickle gulch"

How much

$20 to camp (includes site fee) $30 non-member surcharge

$15 to day trip $25 non-member surcharge

Camp space is limited to 150 individuals (and the fewer tents, the better)

Online payment at gate is not possible due to remoteness of site

Due to limited parking, large RV's are not allowed.

Site map with will be available shortly

Volunteer Opportunities

Sign up by clicking the button here.