The Baronial Entouragé

Their Excellencies


Danshaku Hayashi Norikata



Nagiyda Shoshanah Bas Ruven


Baronial Progress

Please stay tuned for the progress of Their Excellencies. Currently there are no in-person events until June 2021.

Baronial Retinue

The Head of House -

Helps ensure that Their Excellencies needs are met, and coordinates the Baronial household.

Lord Stigr Robertsson

E-mail the Head of House

Ladies in Waiting -

A female companion at a court, attending on a noble woman.

Baroness Veyla Sol

Lady Anabel la Clergess

Lady Livia Agrinali

Kimberly Hazlett

Therasia Thoma

Baronial Guard

The Ensigns -

The standard bearers of the Barony

The Armored Ensign -

HE Keridwen Andersdottir

The Rapier Ensign -

Lord Jordan

The Archery Ensign -


The Guard -